750 Cabin 750 600 500 460 385

Attack 385

Fast and flexible with storage spaces that are the envy of much larger inflatables!

details ...

Attack 460

Faster and more flexible with storage spaces that envy much larger inflatables!


Attack 500

The pursuit of the useful!


Attack 600

The hull that has swept many ... championships


Attack 750

Racing performance and tourist comfort


Attack 750 Cabin

For quick family outings


We offer our boats in compliance with all the top European safety standards resulting in the trouble-free and high-performance cruising of the Attack even under adverse weather conditions that ensure perfect operation and durability over time.

The expectation and result of Attack’s policy is the consolidation in the consciousness of the customers but also of all the friends of the sea as a name that offers reliable sailing and quality yachts.

Why an Attack Boat?

Innovation and security

The combination of inflatables with polyester air chambers makes the Attack unique in their kind since the bottom of the air chambers

covered with reinforced polyester. It ensures the boats unlimited lifespan and negligible maintenance costs as it stays in the sea, passes molds, forgetting the damage and detachments that a common inflatable has especially in the air chambers that come in contact with the sea.

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