With custom deck capability!

The smallest boat in the series, which has many possibilities to configure the deck to your measurements and tastes!

Starting from the bow we can see the roller, two stainless steel bolts and a cupboard for the anchor with very great depth. Two cabinets on the right and left in the front polyester cabinets can accommodate all the lifebuoys and life jackets provided by law and much more. There is also a large closet with a large door with shock absorbers and a lock.

With our things all neat and stored in our cupboards we left for the sea. The test boat has a 13.5HP engine the planing is instantaneous even with three people. The turns are very good due to the hinges of the hull.

Despite its length, the damping on the wave is quite good and in combination with the robust construction, the ATTACK 385 is classified as an inflatable unique in its category with storage spaces that would be envied by larger inflatables. The placement of the console does not limit the space much as it almost embraces the balloon leaving enough free space.

The balloon seat leaves space below for snorkeling, bags, ski boots and generally long objects.

At the sea

A 13.5 hp mariner is mounted on the test boat. The planing as you can see in the video is immediate. The hull rails make the turns look very easy and the shock absorption of the ripple is very good for its measures.

Its final speed reached 24 miles with one person and 23 miles with two.


Standard equipment

  • - Stainless steel anchor roller
  • - Two stainless steel bindings
  • - trailerστρα stainless steel trailer
  • - Stainless steel ski boards
  • - Locker lock
  • - Shock absorber
  • - Ropes or handles
  • - Two rubber handles
  • - Paddles and scarecrows
  • - Inox waterproof cap
  • - Pump

Extra equipment

  • Sun awning
  • Cover
  • Seat
  • Console
  • Built-in tank 40 lt

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