the ultimate tool!

With custom deck capability!

The ultimate tool for all “missions!”.

The new ATTACK 600 obviously improved from the previous model both in its aesthetics and in its functionality and with even bigger spaces, is a boat that could do everything: travel, camping, fishing.

Travel: The long waterfall of 5.85m, the six slopes and the two steppes of the hull ensure a comfortable trip with particularly good damping in bad weather. In addition, it delivers fast and economical cruising.

Camping: The exploitation of the polyester parts of the bow where there is no hypalon-neoprene gives many liters of storage space and with the appropriate awnings a family of five can be accommodated on the boat. The two king-size beds, a bow, a stern and a table in the bow will make the holiday a pleasure.

Fishing: The ATTACK 600 is ideal for fishing for both snorkeling and fishing from the boat (rod, longline, everything, etc.). perimeter rubber and down along the entire length of the boat create a feeling of security without worrying whether the line or the hook will touch the neoprene where it would definitely cause damage. We can place trolling machines, for ballads etc on a polyester balloon bow and stern for great convenience. The large long cabinets fit comfortable rods, spearguns and other long fishing tools. Beautiful and ergonomic the new console that can accommodate all GPS navigation aids, sonar, VHF etc recessed or external.

Description: Starting from the bow we see the dolphin with a recessed roller, two stainless steel bindings and an anchor strap with very great depth. A worker is placed on the boat upon request who is completely covered by a door.

The bow sofa is oval in shape with a large one-piece door for storing long objects, rods, snorkels, ski slippers, etc. A semicircular table with a folding pillar will serve the needs of a family. Placing the table on the special flange will create a bed 1.90m X 1.60m.

In the four cupboards of the front polyester airbags will find space all the lifebuoys and many many more things. The console and the handlebar can be placed according to the buyer’s wish on the right or in the center of the boat without affecting the weighing at all. The console can be fitted with a mounted control or side.

It has a large cupboard for storage and control of cables. The front passenger seat is available in two versions. A) Semi-upright with an inclined position effectively supports the captain and another person in an upright and semi-upright position and has two separate storage spaces. B) The classic double sofa that throws its back creates a second large bed.


  • Material Hypalon ORCA Dtex 1300
  • Maximum horsepower 225 HP
  • Minimum horsepower 90 HP
  • Proposed horsepower 150 HP
  • Boat weight 580 kg
  • CE category C
  • People 8

Extra equipment

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