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Theodoris & Spyros Cretan

Attack was founded in 1990 with headquarters in Corfu and aims to build and market yachts. The founders of the attack are Theodoros and Spyros Kritikos.

People of the sea with knowledge on the construction sector of boats (molds, lamination, inflatable part, editing).

They offer their boats in compliance with all the top European safety standards resulting in the trouble-free and high-performance cruising of the Attack even under adverse weather conditions and ensure perfect operation and durability over time.

Expectation and result of Attack policy is the consolidation in the consciousness of the customers but also of all the friends of the sea as a name that offers reliable sailing and quality boats

Θοδωρής Κρητικός - Φουσκωτά Σκάφη Attack Boats

Our Commitment?

To deliver a quality yacht with certification of good voyage and safe for your travels for you and your loved ones.

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